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Who Lives and Who Dies in Red Dead Redemption 2?
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It even factors in blood. Weapons will also gain grit and wear and tear. Plus you can get deluxe treatments at bath time as well. Dressage and Love. As you love your purchased cars in a game like Forza Horizon 4 and want to cherish them and tweak them to get the most out of them, so too does this take place with horses in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Fetching water might not be glamorous, but it has to be done.

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Happy Camper s. Without giving too much away, your camp will move more than once, but those moving dates are often quite far apart. Chores like moving hay bundles, bags of grain or filling water buckets might seem mundane, but doing them not only raises your station within the camp, it also goes towards building up your own personal stats. Talking to camp folk will give you missions that can range from finding them a lost trinket to fishing to full-blown robberies. You can also play games in camp, and doing so also raises your bond and gives you a chance to hear stories and gain a broader sense of history surrounding the Van der Linde gang and its members.

And the more money you earn, the more quickly you can upgrade the camp too, which equally goes a long way toward keeping everyone happy, fed, healthy and able to load their weapons. Sean is the first real character death in Red Dead Redemption 2, getting shot in the head while the crew is walking through the town of Rhodes. The former member of the O'Driscoll gang is ultimately captured by his old crew. They decapitate him and put his headless body back on his horse as an opening salvo against the Van der Linde gang.

The Van der Linde Gang's elder statesman urges Dutch and crew to leave the outlaw life behind again and again.

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In the Saint Denis' bank heist, Hosea is captured by the Pinkertons. Agent Milton shoots Hosea in the chest in front of the entire gang as a warning. One of the more well-loved new characters in Red Dead Redemption 2 thanks to one memorable mission, Lenny dies in the Saint Denis' bank heist.

Effects of High & Low Honor

As Arthur and Lenny run across the rooftops looking for a way out, Lenny is shot by waiting Pinkertons. A young woman in love with Dutch, Molly dies in the game's fifth chapter. After being ignored by Dutch and Arthur for much of the game, Molly returns drunk and angry. Molly says that she told Milton and Ross about the Saint Denis job.

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Miss Grimshaw shoots her through the chest with a shotgun to end Chapter 5. It's later found that Molly never actually ratted Dutch out. The lead agent of the Pinkertons spends his time hunting down the entire Van der Linde gang, though all he really wants is Dutch. Towards the end of the game, most believe John Marston is all but dead and Milton has kidnapped Abigail.

Dutch and Micah want to keep riding with their money, but Arthur and Sadie go to save Abigail, refusing to let Jack grow up as an orphan. In a struggle with Milton, Arthur is losing until Abigail shoots Milton in the head. For her backbone, she gets shot in the gut and dies, then and there. Sadie joins the gang in Red Dead Redemption 2's opening chapter, transitioning to a proper gun-wielding outlaw in Chapter 3.

Sadie ends up helping Arthur in some of the endgame missions, after Arthur has split from Dutch. She's wounded in the epilogue, but actually survives Red Dead Redemption 2.

Charles survives the story of Red Dead Redemption 2. Arthur and Charles try to save him, but ultimately he dies from mortal wounds. Reverend Swanson is last seen saying goodbye to Arthur, leaving on a train. Leopold Strauss is kicked out of the camp and the gang after the final loan sharking mission, when Arthur becomes fed up with taking money from poor people.

It's later revealed that he was captured by the Pinkertons and died during the interrogation. Karen Jones is seen again in Lakay after the Saint Denis job goes south, but has not been seen since. Josiah Trelawny left the crew after its reach its final camp, before the group got involved with the U. Tilly Jackson is seen after Abigail is saved from capture, ad later she appears in Saint Denis with her husband and child. Red Dead Redemption 2 includes six main story chapters, but once these are complete there is still more game to come.

Following these six chapters come two epilogue chapters that round off the game. The big question on everyone's mind: Do you don the outfit of Marston at any point in Red Dead Redemption 2? Due to Arthur's demise at the end of Chapter 6, you take on the role of John Marston for the two epilogue chapters, and for however long you plan on playing the game after the story has concluded for the final time.

So, once you've reached the epilogue and Arthur Morgan is dead, you might be wondering: what happens to all the stuff you've collected during the main story campaign?

Evil Side Of Money Iii Redemption

Well, the horses are gone forever: one dies during the last mission of the story campaign, and the stabled ones are apparently freed. A few missions into the epilogue, John does inherit all of Arthur's outfits and weapons. Helpfully this is only a small bump in the road though, as there are a number of Fences situated around the Red Dead Redemption 2 map who will swap your stolen goods for stacks of cash, no questions asked.

In this guide we've collated all of the Red Dead Redemption 2 Fence locations for your less than legal transactions, and provided details of how to acquire the Lock Breaker tool for further money making opportunities.

Legal Ownership

The Fence has a curated collection of items for sale, from masks to hide your identity whilst committing crimes to special pamphlets that unlock crafting recipes for Arthur. You can also pick up some basic provisions like canned goods and a set of weapons from the Fence. This is incredibly useful as most talismans offer permanent effects that will benefit the player, like decreasing the speed of core drain and improving the length of time you can stay in Eagle Eye for. Most of the special items you can craft warrant legendary animal trophies, but some also require special items found at distinct locations on the map.

The Saint Denis Fence can be found in the market in the east of the city.

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  4. This fellow owns his own shop, complete with the evil green mask from Undead Nightmare on the shelf behind his counter.